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Might be of use to someone?

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Lifted this of another forum, not tried by me, but perhaps somebody might use it?


Land Rover 1996 (single Button oval shape)

1. Ensure ignition is OFF, doors unlocked, bonnet switch closed.

2. Ensure procedure from 3 to 9 is completed within 8 seconds.

3. Switch Ignition ON

4. Switch Ignition OFF

5. Lock Doors and Unlock Doors

6. Release Bonnet Switch

7. Switch Ignition ON

8. Switch Ignition OFF

9 If alarm is set, horn will sound and LED light. Now programming of plips can be completed.

10. Press and hold down button on Plip until LED flashes.

11. Repeat for additional plips.

12. The Dash LED will extinguish if both plips have been programmed successfully

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