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2dr Seat belt relocation


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hello from Aus..

Anyone on here moved the seatbelts on a 2dr onto the B-pillar..

My seats have had it and I have some nice Disco ones in the shed.. but no idea on how to move seatbelts short of drilling hole through B-pillar :D ..


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dont know how strong the pillars are.

what you could look at is a similar setup to the rear seat belts in a normal 4dr? They have long inertia reel belts which attached to the D-pillar directly

only concern is that the b-pillar is strong enough. early 4drs had the belt integral to the seat as well. the early b-pillars on the 4 drs were not the same as the pillars used on later 4 drs where the belt mounted to the pillar. the latter pillars has some internal plates which added to the strength.

it is almost certainly do-able. I'd consider having the reel at floor level, run the belt up and through a typial hook and back to the receptor.

also look at adding strength to the pillar and floor mountings.

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yep, have friends with 4dr's.. some with b-pillar mounted belts and others with seat mounted..

I am aware of the strengthening required, and the reel on the floor..

What I am actually chasing is ideas on HOW to strengthen things up... I had thought of cutting the pillar and feeding some flat bar inside it with a bignut and washer welded on the end.. drilling a hole in the pillar and bolting the clip thingo in that way...

But maybe I should just dig a little deeper in my pocket.. get a roll cage put in and attach some harnesses to it instead.. which is what I would be doing in a 6-12 months anyway..

Oh.. btw.. its going into this.. ;)


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Ritters have a bar that slides up inside the B pillar, thats what i used on my 4 door when i relocated the seatbelts.

I know some of the guys that work there and they asked around.. no one knows anything about these bars..

either they just dont make them anymore or they dont want to admit to ever making them ;)

oh.. Ritters is a LR shop in Melbourne

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Holy thread resurrection batman, found this in a search as I also was wondering about doing this to mine to make it safer. (legalities of moving the seatbelt mount aside) I would like to know if anyone has pictures of 2 door rangies with seatbelts on the pillar, (perhaps non UK models, and the CSK models?) Would be much appreciated, because if I can do it the same as the factory, I shouldn't go too far wrong. I am a very good experienced welder.

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My 87 lhd 2 door rrc has the original style seats with belts incorporated which are tired, so I tried the 4 door route. I have the seats out of a 84 4door vogue which are fully adjustable with armrest. Changed the seat with its base and all bolted in no problems. Seat belts are not interchangeable as I have discovered. The 4door pillar is different and the seat belt is too short unless you are a long legged matchstick! So next stage was to get an accident damaged 1990 2 door. The door pillar is the same shape as the original with , I presume, some reinforcement to take the top mount and some extra plate to spread the load at the bottom of the pillar and floor all hidden behind a bit of trim. The 4 door belts had adjustable height but the 2 door is fixed.

I have not cut up the door pillar yet to see what they have fitted for reinforcement. I will take some photos of the belt mountings etc but I expect some suitably placed 3-4mm plate with a few spot welds is the reinforcement fitted by Land Rover.

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I'm in the middle of France. 2 doors were available over here until 1992 possibly 1993, mainly diesels, fuel two thirds the price of petrol at the time and cost of registration less than half that of a petrol made them attractive.

The reel is bolted to the bottom of the pillar . The top mounting bolt is 7.5in down from the door frame ( rubber seal removed) or 13in up from the waistline (window runner ). The fixed end of the belt is bolted to the floor under the reel. Hope this helps. Will send you a PM.

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