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My love affair is over!!


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With my EFi........its being junked!

Today it played up again for the last time, I was convinced that I had sorted it out but today it stayed broken down and rufused to start.

The last time it happend I stoped for an hour and let it cool down, then it would start again.

Just pulled onto the A303 and it spluttered and died.................coasted to a byway and gentally adjusted it with a hammer......but before that i discovered no spark!!

So whats the cause of that then............not that I care as it will out quicker that you can say "Megasquirt!"


PS: Minivin, I have got a pair of SU's on a manifold complete with K&N's :)

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Sounds like the Ignition Amp


The amps themselves are very reliable. The problem is often with the connection to the pickup in the distributor. If you change the amp, you re-seat the connector - which seems to fix it. However, often just fiddling with the connector will fix also.

Clean the contacts & cover with petrolium jelly.


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Yep your right, poss with the extra bit being that the early "Lump" amp under coil is more prone to truly being "Dead" when they play up rather than the one on the dizzy unit as per Si's comment -these ones gets very hot sited where it is, then gets a shock of cold water etc, and these can then truly "Die" as oppossed to the connection being iffy a pretend to be dead - ie what your getting. However I had one that would drive fine until hot, then I had a dead engine, when it was cool again it would run etc etc, it got worse till one day it waggled its electrical feet in the air and refused to run till changed completely.....

Which one is yours ?

The other often guilty is the fuel bypass switch / fuel overrun switch - back of the plenum unit, on mine I removed it joining the 2 wires together.


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