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OT; My new lathe!


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Have a look at what I'm picking up this week!


It's a Smart and Brown Model M from shortly after WW2, as seen HERE

I've been looking for a project lathe for a while now - this one hasn't run for about three years and needs a new motor as the 3 phase motor's been pniched for something else.

Not a clue what I'm going to do with it - I've not got a need nor the space for it, but I WANTED one!

Best thing is the price - guess how much I paid?

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Nice Find Simon! Does it have it's tailstock with it? You will find you will need it!

3 phase motors are easy to come by, and by running it off an inverter you can have infintly variable speeds - much better than trying to find a huge single phase motor to use with it.



ps - shouldn't this be in tools and fab?

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I bought a project lathe a while back.

Alas I needed a lathe to make the bits necessary to get the lathe to work - vicious circle :(

So I so it on again

know the feeling, belt drive for speed adjustment is duffed on mine, dunno where I can get a new belt from and how to make it easier to adjust

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Was it free???

Nice bit of kit. As Mark says, you'll be needing a tail-stock for it (mostly for drilling holes up the middle of twisty turny things).

A lathe is one of the most useful bits of workshop kit.


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