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Facet Fuel Pump Mounting


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Just out of interest since I'm going to now have to get the V8 in, it hasn't got the mounts on the engine timing cover for a cam operated fuel pump, so I'll be needing a remote fuel pump.

Thinking Facet at this time, would mounting it to the Military battery box under the drives seat-side be ok, or does it have to be higher than the fuel tank outlet?

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before I forget, make sure you fit a filter before the pump.

you have splashed ouot for the more expensive pump - I fitted the solid state (cube shape) pump since you can get 2 for the price of one of yours.

Just looked at web site, the solid state are push type pump so should be side near the tank; height given as 0.3 m; the cylindrical being suction type, height being 0.6 m. (I would need to check the fitting instructions but pretty sure this is the height from the fuel pick up to the pump)

Having said that, my solid state was originally fitted on the bulkhead so higher than it should have been and worked fine; you should be ok with the position you suggest or in the engine bay, whichever you prefer. I have mine now fitted in the position you suggest.

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That's a good point, will source a filter from somewhere, hmmm.... Ebay looks good ;)

the solid state pump has a screw in metal body filter - some american car uses this so I picked up quite a few in WalMart when in US ... but this has no relevance to you. What you need is a filter with the same sized tails - for v8 you should be looking at 8 mm - a trip to halfords or similar should sort you out. (see also VWP, they sell the palstic body type with 6/8 mm tails - you would cut the 6mm tail off - has advantage of being transparent showing how flogged up it is, unlike the metal body types. :huh:

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funnily enough I was looking at the VWP plastic one's after looking at the "Hi-Performance" alloy one's on Ebay, after having one of the alloy one's for a motorbike and having to strip it to solve a massive fuel leak from it (no sealing washer so the petrol was going down the threads) I can safely say the filter technology within those things is not of a high enough quality to be a performance item ;)

Think an order to VWP for the filter and an Ebay purchase on the pump (about £30 cheaper on one I've seen that looks comparable to the one in VWP) is in order

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