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Tom Tom5 Help Req


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Start up TomTom

From the drop down menu in the top left corner select Map

It helps if the GPS is on & you are sitting on your drive to make sure the map is centred correctly.

If you tap the screen an icon will appear (looks a bit like a 'cheese' in Trivial Pursuits), tap & hold on the icon and a menu appears

Select Add to Favourites and then select home location

This should set the home location & it should be remembered when closed down, never had any problems myself.


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I don't have TomTom but it sounds very much like an issue I had setting the COM port for the GPS with CartoExplorerur (like a French MemoryMap).

After you've made the change, how are you exiting TomTom ? Do you use the X at the top right hand corner of the screen or an Exit menu option (I presume TomTom has one) ? If using the X it may not be storing the change as TomTom will still be running in background.

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Um, just a thought, if this was copied off a CD onto a memory card there is a chance the settings directory is marked as read-only... meaning it will allow you to attempt to change your home address but then forget once you leave the program.

Easiest method is to drop the memory card into a card reader on your PC and when the drive letter appears navigate to the drive, press CTRL+A to select all directories and press ALT+Enter to bring up the properties page. Make sure that the Read Only tick box is clear. If it has a tick in it or a tick with a shaded box then click till it is clear then select OK.

That might clear it up.

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