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Advice for buying a D2

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Hi everyone.

After some advice. Looking at buying a Td5 Discovery, ex police with 150,000 miles on the clock. It has the 3 aimgos lit up and the SRS light on.

Is it a vehicle to look at or one to stay away from?

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I wouldn't worry about the mileage, if it's had a really good service history, 150,000 miles is OK on the engine and drive train.

What age is it? 2002 onwards (i.e. the late square-headlight models and the newer "facelift" models) had a lot of improvements, such as the replacement of plastic locating dowels in the head with better metal ones.

Have a good look for corrosion - some early D2's are now reporting chassis rust (to the point where welding is needed).

Sounds like you know most of the rest:

* 3 Amigos - may be just a wheel bearing or an ABS sensor

* Wheel bearings are expensive. Guide to replace here: http://www.discovery2.co.uk/fronthub.html - but once done it should be OK for at least 90k miles.

* If it's SRS/Air Suspension and ACE, consider binning ACE and getting Coil Springs (when they both become problematic...which the WILL).

* If it has a sunroof, it WILL leak

* SRS fault is often traced to poor connections, have a google search...

If there was a way of getting the car onto a diagnostic, then you would probably pinpoint the 3 Amigos and SRS issues in 5 mins.

Solid car, love mine, owned from new now on 181000 miles.

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