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advice on rear axel pls

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Guest diesel_jim

Any late classic rangie axle will bolt straight on, however there are a couple of issues with this:

a) the existing propshaft you have will be too short, as the salisbury diff nose is further forward than on a RR type axle.

B) the rangie axle probably won't be strong enough. it may be OK if you always run empty/light, but if you load the old girl up, you'll probably end up busting a diff/halfshaft (unless you spend some serious ££ on 4 pin HD diff and HD shafts), and the RR rear brakes arn't that big, compared to a 110, so braking will suffer a bit too.

you can "just" buy a disc braked 110 axle and roll it underneath, they go for about £200~400 depending on where you are and how lucky you are on that day!

OR, convert your existing axle to disc brakes. i've got one that i'm converting (been trying to get it finished for about a year now!), if you get some 90 or 110 front hubs and 110 rear discs, these will fit each other. use the 110 drum braked stub axle, fit the hubs (you'll need one of the thick washer's that the salisbrys have in front of the wheel bearing).

then a couple of the caliper mounting brackets, and a couple of calipers. these will probably be the most expensive bit.

bolt the lot together and away you go. standard drum braked halfshafts will fit too, i measure them in an axle compared to the proper factory disc braked setup, and they sit in the same place on the sun gears (maybe 1 or 2mm difference)

eventually when i get aound to finishing my axle, i'll to a tech write-up. :rolleyes:

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Guest diesel_jim

The self leveller mounts on the A frame ball joint (there is a different ball joint carrier), so doesn't matter what axle you've got hanging underneath.

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Boge self level mounts top end to chassis between the A frame & bottom end to a cup fitting thats part of the rear axle ball joint housing, took my boge of long ago as it was not working, I just left the bottom fitting as is & removed the top one completely.

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