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Slightly OT: Secret Life Of Machines

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Blimey :blink: those sideburns can only mean one thing........far too early for me!! I was still watching the chuckle brothers and other such nonsense!!!

Bit too much like a physics lesson for you I would have thought. Pantrey has them all on video from when they were on the first time (and he has the fact sheets too!).... :huh:


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This was compulsory viewing when I was at college (along with Red Dwarf obviously). I seem to remember an episode where they used various explosives in a home made bazooka firing beer cans to demonstrate that petrol burns very rapidly and with lots of energy.


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I bought all the episodes on DVD direct from Tim Hunkin. You can get his email address from here.

We exchanged quite a few emails at the time and he really is a top bloke.

Here's the info I got from him...

"I couldn’t persuade anyone to produce commercial DVDs of the series so

I’ve mastered my own set. They work fine, but are mastered from PAL VHS

tapes so the image quality is not quite as sharp as DVD movies. I’ve

made 3 disks, each one containing a complete 6 part series, in both PAL

and NTSC.

For people who originally saw the films on satellite channels, there’s

additional material, as the satellite versions were cut to leave more

time for the adverts!

I’m afraid they are not cheap, they are only licensed in limited numbers

for ‘educational’ use – I don’t have the rights to produce commercial



Vacuum Cleaner, Washing machine, Sewing Machine, Refrigerator,

Central Heating System, Television set


The Car, Internal combustion Engine, Quartz Watch, Radio, Telephone,

Video Recorder


Fax Machine, Lift (elevator), Word Processor, Electric Light,

Photocopier, Office


The PAL version disks will play on PC and MAC computers in any country

and set top DVD players in Europe and all other PAL and SECAM countries.

The NTSC disks are slightly lower quality (720 by 480 pixels instead of

720 by 576), but will play on US set top DVD players (and computers).

A few earlier set top DVD players (over a couple of years old) won’t

play DVD+R disks! I will refund your cash if the disks don’t run on your


Each disk contains 160 minutes of video, recorded in DVD+R, on a Pioneer

burner, transcoded at 3000kps VBR from a VHS source, in multi-region



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