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rrc body shell


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I once saw someone selling a load on the back of LRO magazine about 10 years or so ago, 2 door shells I believe.

I also saw a LSE bodyshell, allegedly bought from LR but never fitted on ebay a while ago.

So they do come up, just not very often! :)

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I know at least 2 Complete shells with doors, wings, glasses even partial interior, but they are in Greece unfortunately. I guess they would be selling really cheap...so maybe is worth to check transport cost.

One of them can be seen at this link http://www.lrgreece.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=253 which is a Greek Land Rover forum.

Any more info, please feel free to ask.


The second one will be broken down on Saturday so if you are interested I can ask for photos.

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Barn it says.. thats blatantly been stored outside in all weathers.

I saw a pair of 2dr side frames on Ebay about 5 years ago, If I had got a Range rover by then I would have bid, I forget what they sold for, maybe about £300 to £500 the pair? Bargain for someone.

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hello just wondering has anybody ever seen a mint condition rrc body shell with the patch number tag still on it just want to know if anyone has ever found one

thanks jack

Yeah I have one sat in my garage

Bought a 1985 rrc last weekend but I had a rust hole on the sill the size of a 50 pence in the sill so I ditched it and bought one a day later that had no rust. Both have there original rear top and bottom tailgates and never had any welding. But for the price (£400)could not be bothered to weld up the hole. Nearly bought a 2 door but as I want the rr to off road woth the kids I wanted a 4 door. Although the 2 door had no rust either and original top and bottom tailgate . But was a 70's model so did not know if I wanted to go that late. But was tempted as it only went for £350


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This is my 1985 RRC

some pics taken with my phone


Original top and bottom tailgate


Wheel arches good



Sill has a little bit of surface rust


Chassis still has original paint and never be wax oil of under sealed


Bottom of the doors ok


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There's one that's been built very much like that over in Germany buy a company called Daur Performance. It looks ok, for what it is. A 2 door RRC built on a 4.6 Disco 2 chassis (complete with ACE and the Disco 2 interior).


i like that, apart from the colour. really needs to be a nice dark colour - that white would show up all the oily handprints too easily :)

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I just bought a 2dr as well I have a soft spot as my first road car was a 79 2dr RRC mine needs a little welding admittedly but its a very late one so its got some of the mod cons...

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