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hi there carlos

Exmoor Beast

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Seen one around Amesbury, waved to him from my Series and he's waved back so it looks like they're not as snobish as the bog standard Defender/Rangie/Disco drivers :P

n.b. never had a wave from a Disco owner, had three wave's from a Rangie and defender owners, but they were kitted-up trucks

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Guest diesel_jim

I always get waves from tricked up RR's and disco's here in Swindon.

90/110 always wave, and the series boys.

there's quite a few female 90 and 110 drivers in town too.... B)

some even good looking...... B) B) B)

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Strangely enough i've been driving a series hybrid for a year and everyone waves, yesterday was my first day out in my early rangy, no f**ker waves even the regulars that i used to pass (and wave at) everyday.

Bloody snobs.

Funnily enough, I was out in my early Rangy today, and I got a lot of praise from a guy in a Rover 25, sat in the queue of traffic going in the opposite direction. He was very impressed when I told him my Rangy was built in 1971. For a start he couldn't believe that they made Range Rovers that long ago, and secondly what good condition it was in! Made me smile all the rest of the way to work! :D Shame they never had air con in Rangies in 1971, Phew, Scorchio!

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talking as a disco driver, i never bothered waving till it looked tricked up. as even if i did i got ignored. mind you nowdays i ignore stock discos myself as they arent normally driven by real LR owners.

Santanas? dont think ive ever seen on in the flesh let alone thougth about waving at them.

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