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Hmmm, looks a little dodgy to me.....


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Guest diesel_jim

I reckon the paint job on that bumper could be 19070's!!

And it has a $carp-iron wheel carrier..... that's got to reduce the price somewhat! :D

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First procure (steal) 2001 Defender, remove chassis number, replace chassis number with one for a 1974 series III. Proceed to sell outside UK. :blink:

Probably get away with it too. :angry:

and they would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids :o

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Land Rover : Defender

1974 110 Defender Double Cab

Miles: 55000

Doors: 4 doors or more

Transmission: Manual

Interior: Gray

Engine: 5 - Cyl.

Year: 1974

Warranty: No

VIN Number: --

Title: Clear

Exterior: Green

Condition: Used

Inspection: Inspected

Fuel Type: Diesel

Inspection: Inspected by who? <_<

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