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What does it cost to fit an ARB rear locker


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i'm going to do mine myself, (hopefully with TC help) just change the centre of the diff, drill and tap the casing for airline etc. ARB locker plus bearings aboput £500 Ashcrofts/muddy trout.

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The longest job on mine was trying to locate a 1/4n.p.t tap to thread the bulkhead fitting.Like rocking horse poo :huh: .But to build up diff took just over 1 hour altogether

As a service I'll donate the said tap to do the rounds, Cromwell tools sell them if you've got one handy, if not Pm me and I'll post it for a free loan, rear ARB easy to fit two to three hours for two of us, beer included.

Cheers bill

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To fit the locker to the diff in a 300tdi axle I bought from Frog and fitted by Frog Island

£100 Labour + axle + locker

From memory I bought both front and rear from them I can't remember if that was each or the pair I think it was each

I then fitted the axle to the car

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For anyone doing it themselves - make sure the female threads for the crownwheel bolts are SPOTLESS and free from any traces of oil, and use a really good loctite. You don't want the bolts working loose inside the diff - ask me how I know.......

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mmm cost $100 here thats about $35 at the moment

ARB quote A$310 for a Rover diff and A$420 for a sals.

$100 is less than 2 hours labour, or less than 1 hour in some dealerships/garages.

That's bloody cheap, Ali.

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