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The 90 has the standard alarm and immobliser fitted. The insurance company are now insisting I fit a Thatcham approved model.

I don't want the kind where you have to press on a receiver point as it's too fiddley. I like to get in my 90, turn the key and drive off.

Any ideas as to a good product to try please?



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Guest diesel_jim

IF you'rs is a Td5 then you'll have a passive immobiliser fitted as standard. it just needs activating.

you can press the button on the remote to "arm" it, but IIRC, it automatically immobilises after 5 minutes of the ignition being turn off.

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I have this hassle each time I change insurance companies with my disco. I just advise them that it has the land rover alarm as fitted at the factory and I have no idea what rating it is. Some go for this, other seem to think that I should fork out on a new imobilizer because they can't tick the right box on their form/computor. As alarms that were originaly thatcham approved when installed become unapproved over time when newer products come on the market, this means that you are signing your self up for changing the alarm every couple of years once you start changing them.

I just move on to the next insurance company until I find some one with the common sense to accept the LR fitted unit. Saves ££££ and hassle.


p.s. direct line accepted my lr fitted alarm if it helps.

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I've been with this insurer for years with 5 diffrent Land Rovers and never had a problem until now. I'm waiting on a reply from them now as to why the Land Rover fitted one is not good enough (It's on a 300TDi P plate).

Any product reccomendations from those in the know would be useful in the meantime.



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Toad Powerkey, or whatever it is called now. It uses a passive transponder on your keyring, so no need to enter numbers or push things in to holes... It's thatcham approved and does 3 circuits. I bought mine off ebay for £40. Paid a local car stereo / alarm shop £50 to fit it and saved myself £100 overall.

Toad / excel powerkey on ebay

Nick... the smelly one

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