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how long do injectors last?

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Changed my ones at 110K miles but shouldn't have bothered. New ones made no difference to running or economy. Think LR says change Tdi ones at 60k miles but personally I wouldn't bother. Other people on here have run up higher mileages than that. NA/TD ones however could probably do with a service and recal if thats what you've got.

Don't worry about a puff of smoke on starting. Smoke at full power can be reduced by tweaking the injection pump - see article on technical archive. Try also flushing the intercooler if it hasn't been done before. Don't bother with the LR genuine parts solvent. Use Gunk degreaser from Halfords. Leave it to drain afterwards in the sun for a few hours - in this heat the tubes will soon dry out.

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Changed my first set [200Tdi] & 200,000miles, 3 were dribbling, all 4 below working pressure standards, 3 had hairline cracks in the nozzles & spray patterns were not upto standard, have them tested & act on the results.

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