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Differences between TD5 110 rover axle & others

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Does anyone know definatively what the differences are between the later TD5 110 Rover axle (ie non Salisbury type) and the "normal Rover type as used in 300 tdi Discos and defender 90s. Is it simply the 4 pin P38 type diff centre and spring seats or is there any other differences like strengthened tubes, re-enforcements, bigger brakes etc!! Presumably the propshaft needs to be longer than on Salisbury axle 110s?

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I'll start


SN Diff, should be a 4 pin have seen 2 pins in there

Different Casing, as SN Diff has differing PCD bolts etc

Long prop ratio still 3.54

Thats all I am CERTAIN of - but a start for you !


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The Wolf/P38 axles are fitted to 110s and 130s from 2002 model year onwards. From the factory, all should have the 4 pin short nose diff same as the back axle of a 4.6L P38 Range Rover. As Nige said, the SN diff has a different bolt pattern to attach to the axle and yes the rear prop is longer. Shock bushes are the same as all late model Defenders - the silly floppy bushes RNF100150L used on late Tdi Discoverys, that wear out every six months.

Also for 02MY> vehicles, the rear calipers are different, this is possibly as a result of places like the Falklands where the dealer principal had been banging on about brake pads that wore out in 3 weeks for about the previous five years, so rather than address the root problem they just made the friction material on the pads about 30% thicker, so they last 4 weeks instead, pretty complex engineering there :rolleyes:

You can use the older STC1601 pads in these calipers but the calipers will take the thicker late model pads as well which IIRC are SFP000250. Late model pads won't fit in an older caliper.

I honestly don't know about the axle tube being stronger - but have never seen a bent one other than in an effin great big accident and that will bend any axle.

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So basically, if I was to take a late 24 spline rover axle, stick in an ARB locker, some td5 110 rear calipers and discs, and changed the spring mounts, then would I have something akin to a TD5 110 rear axle in which someone had swapped out the P38 diff for an ARB locker.

Or am I missing something here?

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Yes you would have basically the same thing, less the diff etc.

You would however have an axle (ie. the casing) which is only rated officially for a weight not sufficient for a fully loaded 110. Of course we all know that it would cause no issues, since Land Rover themselves use the Rover casing design in later models as above, but the intended use thing may be an issue for you. Your call :)

Personally I'd stick with the Salisbury :)

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Yep, my call. Can't see it as any difference to fitting disco axles under a 90 or swapping a 90 or disco front axle to go on a 110 front. Disc brakes are not intended use for early 90's or 110's but we all fit them. 110 vented brakes on 90s are not intended use. etc etc. Unless the late td5 110 axle casings ARE uprated in some way then there really is no issue AFAIAC. Is it the axle casing which is not rated for the weight or the diff internals? Logic would suggest it is the latter.

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Do you believe it to be so or do you know it to be so? I know the wolf has the strengthening on the axle but the bog standard TD5 110 does not have them. If anyone knows definitively that the axle tubes are uprated in some way for the TD5 110 please let me know.

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What a load of Bo£$%ck$ about 'ratings' !. the 110" axle tubes only have a different pcd for the diff to bolt to and a 15mm ring welded around the pan - this is supposedly for strengthening and includes a 8mm diff pan, personally i think this is a bit of a magic show from Land Rover to make customers think they are still getting something big and strong under their 110"'s.

I've cut up enough 110" axles to know that the tubes are the SAME as any other rover axles.

I have fitted late 110" calipers and disks to my 90" along with a locker and some weld on axle strenghening and i know for sure that my axle is stronger than a standard 110" in terms of weight carrying ability.

These so called wolf axles also have standard shafts, wheel bearings etc etc as any other rover axle, ie: late 110"'s and 90"'s have the same part number for many axle components now including shafts.


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.......... I have fitted late 110" calipers and disks to my 90" along with a locker and some weld on axle strenghening and i know for sure that my axle is stronger than a standard 110" in terms of weight carrying ability.

Hi Steve,

Can you tell me what welding you actually did to the axle ?

I would like to increase strength of existing axle (CSW 3050KG) to take more weight, but don't really need any extra artuculation, and from what I have read changing to a Salisbury axle is particulary a wise idea.


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