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Hub oil seals

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I have heard various references to removing the inner hub oil seal on servicing, thus to improve bearing & spline lubrication.

Is this really a tried & tested technique?

Is there any downside i.e leaks from drive flange?

To be sure which seal is left out? the inner hub seal (FTC2783)? (not the stub axel seal FRC 3099)

Does this apply to both front & rear axels?

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Thanks Nige,

yeah i have RTC3511 (posted wrong number)

So which do i leave out? one or both?

And which oil is this - the swivel box? I presume i'd need to top it up a bit to fill the new volume? any idea how much extra?

p.s. you musr be the same N Barker I emailed from the MegaJolt forums about your spare EDIS8's ....?

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You keep the big hub oil seal which is next to the wheel bearing.

On front, remove stub axle and remove internal seal. Bearing is now lubricated by swivel oil (EP90) dont use the Land Rover swivel grease.

At rear, remove stub axle and halfshaft, IIRC there is an oil seal at the end of the axle tube by the flange, remove this, if there is a seal in the stub axle (can't remember off top of head) remove that as well. Bearing now lubricated by diff oil.

Extra volume in both cases is small, I would but some grease on the bearings whilst you have the hubs off the stub axles and then check diff and swivel levels after 100 miles or so.

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