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109 CSW Roll cage / sill bars build thread

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In Dan's words; the hard part is thinking about the cage as two pieces - the roll cage, and the bodywork protection.

The roll cage is the front hoop, rear hoop, rear stays which stop the vehicle going pancake if things get bad. The rest is really "only" bodywork protection. The roof bars are 50/50, they are providing roof protection and also bracing the two ends of the cage together but they are not super-heavy-duty tube so may deform with a hard hit (eg bashing the side of the roof hard into a tree). As we have saved a fair bit of weight on the protection bits by using lighter tube, I think roof crosses (in light tube) will be adding a lot of rigidity for relatively little weight, and holding the whole thing square (ever seen how much a Land Rover body flaps about on bumpy roads?).

Tube is preferable to rope as it's strong in tension AND compression, and significantly less faff to put in. If I want/need I can attach stuff to the tube (eg a platform / roof storage etc.) which would not be doable with rope up there.

I must go and re-measure the height under my shed door... :ph34r:

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Looks a bit weird from the back without the joining bits in :huh: I think it's the fact that from the outside there's none of the usual tubes going along the side/down through the body etc. 'cos the main hoop is hidden inside, makes it look like it's all hanging on the two tubes down the back. On the plus side, there's none of the usual tubes running all over the sides and through the body :D

Looks like the CB antenna will need moving then :lol: although I suppose I've got plenty of places to bolt it now.

Can't decide what colour to paint the cage - black or colour matched?

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Black will look too heavy - there's a lot of tube there...

Fully colour matched will disappear, so personally I would paint the cage the same red as the lower half of the truck.



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I am often not a lover of external cages, they can look rather naff and climbing frame like,

THAT with the shaped upright rails is looing superb, and yes colour code paint it

Looking forward to seeing more

Loverley work, well made and even better thought out

Nige :D

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It looks a lot better now the two sides are linked, it looked a bit weird before with just the top corners protected.

Inside the car there's the rear hoop/cross & stays made out of unbendium and doing the work, as I've said all along I don't want a climbing frame inside or out. Can't see a piccy from Dan of the inside bit finished.


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You clearly aren't familiar with Dan's fabrications then, that's a fine adjustment stick at best.

FF, are you going to join the inside hoop to the external cage? :)

Read back - it's joined behind the alpine window ;)

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