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109 CSW Roll cage / sill bars build thread

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Is the middle of the X member already HD due to the winch tray? was there/is there any standard x member between the chassis rails as it were?

The rear x-member is a standard winch tray with a length of 50x50 box along the rear, so it won't be falling off in a hurry. The x-member under the rear seats is original, the gearbox one is standard RR bolt-in type.

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I know it's a boring question but how are you going to get paint onto the new cross member ends?

The x-member ends are all 6mm and the sides of the chassis where they attatch is also 6mm as it's where the rear stay re-inforcement plates are. so they'd last untreated, but if you wanted you could waxoil through the bolt holes for the cage.

Any updates?

Not really i've finished my tasks as they were, it's passed it's mot no probs today, then rewarded me by running out of fuel. :D

The rear body mounting tags were the last little thing that i needed to finish,


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p.s. why the patrol?

you took the words straight off my keyboard... :hysterical:

is it a temporary until you find a landy? :lol::rolleyes:

Imagine a landrover that;

was designed and built by engineers not accountants

has an engine that will last in excess of 1/2 a million miles

A gearbox and transfer box that will never have to see ashcrofts

takes 35's without scrubbing the radius arms or catching the arches

and that everything still works as it was supposed to.

And that pretty much sums up a patrol.

on the down side they rot like a discovery and drink like a v8.

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has an engine that will last in excess of 1/2 a million miles

i know of said land rover, it is a 200TDI 110 van in the army green colour, last time i was in its wonderful prescence it had done in excess of 560,000 miles and still running, has now been sold on but believe to be still running,

same engine that it rolled out sollihull with, (possibly a few boxes have been changed :ph34r: )

.........it was known by all as "the rocket ship"

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plus they look awful, they cost a fortune to repair and they handle like a sack of s****( <-- spuds)

There must by something wrong with the one you've driven, mine handled well as std now i've ome'd it its really good.

I work on the theory with repairs that although the repair might be 10 time the cost, only 1 part will fall off for every 10 that falls off a landy. But in truth nothing has fallen off.

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