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Small Cargo Type Nets


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OK so i have been after some of these for a while, you kow the small nets with an elastic strip across the top, similar to what you get on the back of some front seats in a 'normal' car. the idea being to attach them to the roof/doors for extra storage space inside.

i was only thinking of around 250 x 400mm or so.

so walking around Malvern reminded me i was after some, but as they were in the region of £10 for smaller than the above size i thought i might give those a miss.

so apart from the obligatory scrappy any ideas where you can get them for decent money?

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Motorcycle magazines throw them in every now and then, I've got a couple I use on the motorbike and they are a god send, I'll have a look on the net to find the british mass-sales people for bike bits and see what prices they come up with.......

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