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Excel gear ratio calculator


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WHo has it?

i've lost my copy somehow (it was their yesterday!)

thought it might be in tech archive but can't find it in there either.


[edited to add: i want to post the link on pirate- could have just posted the file but thought getting a link from there to here might be a good idea- also wanted to attribute the file properly but can't remember who wrote it originally"]

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Thanks for raising this topic, now I can work out how inaccurate my Hybred’s speedo is!

Brilliant! :D

Range 4 speed+Rangie Diffs+Series wheels+Series speedo+larger tyres = total confusion! :unsure:

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Aye Jim it's mine but feel free to post it where ever you want, except some of those..................erm...................."special interest" site you frequent :ph34r:

SSShhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm trying to keep those quiet before fruity finds out about them- you know what he's like!

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