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quick towing question


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This is for a Td4 model handbook but I guess it would be the same as it is basically the same vehicle apart from the oily bits:

Max trailer wt 2000kg

Max nose wt 140kg

Gross train weight 3840kg (1.8P), 3860kg (V6), 3880kg (Td4)

GVW of a Td4 is 2080KG so if loaded to GVW then the trailer drops to 1800.

Edited to add - the workshop manual also says

"† To increase stability, it is recommended that the nose weight is adjusted to the maximum limit, when loading to the

maximum trailer weight.

* If the vehicle trailer weight exceeds 1800 kg the vehicle payload must be restricted to less than the Gross Vehicle

Weight to ensure the loaded combination is within the Gross Train Weight limit.

** The Gross Towing Weight must be reduced by 300 kg (662 lb) when the following conditions exist:

climbing steep hills and mountains with air temperatures above 30 °C / 86 °F.

altitudes of 1000 metres (3280 feet) and above."

No mention of unbraked trailer weight but the limit Jon suggests is probably sensible since a Defender's unbraked trailer limit is 750kg and the Freelander is a lot lighter.

I won't therefore comment on how much my twin axle "built from bits of portakabin chassis" RIB trailer weighs with 600kg of boat on it :ph34r:

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I think earlier freelanders had a lower towing capacity, it was at some point raised to 2000kg, don't know the date though.

If it did change it was probably when the Td4 came out. Wouldn't like to regularly tow 2 tons with a Td4 manual though, the clutch on mine used to smell after doing a moderately interesting hill start WITHOUT a trailer on.... and I am not somebody who needs 3000rpm to do a hill start!

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