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Thats cos series 3 and 90/110 wheelarches are a different shape, series arches are not symmetrical front to back, 90/110 ones are...Not to mention the fixing flanges required for the spats..

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have u worked out if with the RR axles on whether the tyres will hit the wings, u'll probably need to cut the arch up anyway

its highly likely they will

baring in mind these arches are about 4 inches. and a normal series "additional bump" is about 2"



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Use defender extensions, cut out the wings and make a fold to take the defender shape. I made wooden templates to this shape, clamped it to the aly panels and hammered a 15 mm fold with a plastic hammer. Drill holes for m6 bolts, and it will look lovely! Remember front and rear look the same, but are different.



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I used 4x rear arches on mine. Didnt see the point in the stupid inner front bit.

Fronts were fairly easy to do but the rears were a PITA. I also cut out and raised up the tops of the rear wheel boxes for extra clearance casue my tyres always rubbed.

If I was doing it again I'd be inclined to use flexy flares and then just fit them on with no agro, and cut them to the required length.


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