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Purple 110 Rear Springs?

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While we are on the subject of 110 rear springs:

My 95 csw (not levelled, none are over here) came with the red/red green/red springs which are correct for the model.

I recently bought a set of 4 new(ish) springs from Aubrey who had fitted OME springs. The rears look different to the ones I have and are coded purple. These are from a 2005 TD5 110 csw.

These springs are not in my parts catalogue. Does anyone know what the rating is compared to my original h/d springs?

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Don't know what the rate is but they are softer than the 330lb r/r r/g HD rears you have been using.

I have some to fit to my 110 as soon as I find the time. I think they should be a good compromise between the 330lb HD ones and the 180lb+load leveler option.

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green/red springs

are 15.55 and 16.02 inch free length XXHD at 330 Lbs rating

There are some non genuine RR XXXHD Rears at 17.2 inch and from memory only about 250 lbs, but I am not 100% sure what these ones are you have ??

Can you give any more info,

thickness of coil in mm, number of coils,

or full height uncompressed,

have loads of spring stuff, will have a rummage


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The purple stripe ones are genuine LR part, as fitted to the rear of TD5 110's, certainly SW's not sure if the HT's are still fitted with the 330lb ones. They where introduced to replace the 180lb + self leveler combo previously fitted to 110 SW's.

Will measure mine when I get a mo, they're in the loft at the mo :rolleyes:

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Rumors tell me the following.............

In Oz the 110's had Red/Green rear coils on all 200's and 300's. Then the TD5 had the Purple Coils.

The Purple are also on the 130 with the internal Load levelers.

Rates for the Purple are 220-420lbs, they are progressive, so the 220 is until they bind, then the 420 kicks in.

I have a 110 Hardtop i'm converting to a Truck cab Ute, i'll pull my Red/Green out and put some Purple in to compensate the loss of the roof and rear panel weight.


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Guest diesel_jim
I want some!

Anyone got some spare?

Will :)

Hi Will.

Yeah, got a pair here (Swindon), they came off of my 2001 Td5 110 CSW, i swapped them for some "HD" ones i had (think they were red/green striped) but the ride height stayed the same! :angry: couldn't be arsed to swap them back again!

These are purple/brown.

£20 the pair??


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