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interesting gearbox question


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nowt to do with me, but I thought it was an interesting idea. :unsure:

Quick question, any ideas how it might be possible to arrange an external hydraulic pressure feed to an automatic gearbox such as a vauxhall cavalier one for example??

I have been toying with the idea of removing the torque convertor from one and altering it to drive through a conventional clutch, but this then also removes the hydraulic pump, which is obviously required for the shift hydraulics.

The idea is obviously to get a hydraulic clutchless powershift box but with a normal clutch for the startline and to avoid the parasitic losses of the convertor.

and as for why you'd want to do this, seems you get the best of both worlds:

Basically, you add a clutch in place of the torque converter and you're left with a planetary transmission that can be shifted without a clutch after launch. It's primary application was in drag racing where you are more concerned with upshifts during the 1/4 mile run.
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I picked up something similar to what you are alluding to in a scrap yard a few years ago. It was an alloy housing that bolted between the gearbox bell housing and the engine on a conventional Nissan 2/3 ton truck to turn the vehicle into a street sweeper for narrow laneways.

The housing had a central shaft mounted in a large bearing. on the rear end of the shaft was a flywheel and clutch assembly, onto which was bolted the standard Nissan truck 5 speed gearbox. The engine side of the housing looked very similar to the input shaft, oil pump drive and torque convertor stator shaft that one would see when looking at the front of an auto transmission. I had plans to adapt it to my LandRover, but due to the non availability of a locking torque convertor I gave up on the idea and it went back to the scrapyard.


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