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Suspension Bushes

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Some time ago I put up a post about my panhard rod bushes wearing out prematurely. I seem to be able to flog them out in less than 10,000km. I've been very particular about making sure they've been put in right, not having the vehicle jacked up when they're tightened etc etc. Well, the saga continues, but extends to the radius arm bushes too. I replaced the lot, radius arm & panhard rod bushes when I installed the Maxidrives a couple of months ago. I checked the axle for straightness at the time and everything is/was as it should be. Now, less than 5,000km later, the radius arm bushes are completely shagged and the panhard rod bushes are none too flash either:



I should point out that these are genuine LR parts, I don't have an excessively raised suspension, and they've only done 2 offroad trips totalling maybe 200km. They haven't been contaminated with oil or anything like that (not that a Landrover would ever leak oil :rolleyes: ), so I'm at a loss to explain what's going on.

Any thoughts?

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Yikes they are a mess!

I always found panhard bushes used to last no time in my old 90, went through about four sets in the two years or so I had it, though the new one seems better I think, the new 2002> vehicles have bigger panhard bushes.

It could be just a dud batch of bushes, though Genuine are pretty good. You do get bad batches from other suppliers, look at this for a good example!

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How are you fitting your suspension bushes? I noticed when I put some bushes in using the vice method on the bush that the center tube gets pushed in until you end up pushing on the outer metal tube. I noticed I was shearing the bond between the center tube and rubber on some of the bushes. I.e. my kack handed installation was damaging the bushes before I drove any where.

Ended up making up a fitting tool/drift in the lathe that sits on the outer tube only and is recessed in the center to avoid stressing the center tube. I t also has a center pin that fits down the bush so that the drift can't slip off the side of the bush when in the press. I have had no problems since.


P.s. using genuine LR rubber bushes

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