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Front fog lights

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A friend on mine is looking to buy her first freelander! The vehicle she has seen doesnt have front fog lights. Question is can you fit them at a later date? i.e will there be wiring behind the bumper already? Or do you have to buy a complete kit? Finally has anyone done this before?

many thanks


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Ryan, I agree the PRE-FACELIFT model fog lamps DO come as a kit.

BUT !!!

The MY04 ..... DOES NOT...... When LR built the 2004 model, you needed to order the fog lamps (as shown in the photos above) as a factory fit, as there are two different type of bumper.

Now there is a fog lamp & a driving lamp kit (you CAN'T fit both) for the 2004 model ...... BUT these sit either side of the grille on the black plastic (not the colour-toned) portion of the bumper.......... more central than outside.

I hope this helps.

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FreebieFreddy thanks for that yes she has bought the car and does have long range pods already fitted! Only the car would look better with the fog lights on the corners (coloured section). She has phoned various dealer and they have too recommended fog lamp pods which is no use. I find it hard to believe that you cannot get buy these items as a kit or even seperately I.e if a car has had a band accident will they just sell you a bumper with no front fog lamps? Ive seen some 2001 freelanders with a 2004 facelift with front fog lights so im guessing their is a way around it...........


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