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Work "safe driving" course

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At work we have to do a PC-based training thing every so often to prove we're not complete numpties on the roads, just doing this year's one and this screen came up:


I think they may be taking things a little far - I mean how many BT vans end up in rivers every year???

They take this safe driving lark very seriously (mainly 'cos it costs them money in vehicle damage), then stat us on travel time between jobs <_<

Whoever wrote this training course clearly likes their 4x4's, the pictures have contained freebies, pajeros and all sorts - wonder if it's significant they chose to drown a Jeep - even if it is just photoshopped :lol:

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these things make me laugh, so if your panicing, you aint going to achieve anything, and if your seat belt is jammed and you open the window, you got less time to un-jam it before you drown?

Now what was the first thing you should do, not drive into a river :D

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