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I've been fortunate enough to aquire a heated front screen for nothing from a friend of mine working for Pilkington. Autowindscreens are coming out tomorrow to fit (£30) Bargain!

Does anyone know whats required in terms of electrickery to get it up and running?

If i can i'd like some part numbers so i can buy the relevant bits switches relays timers etc from my local stealer or possibly brookwells/4x4 Store, Exeter

never done anthing like this and i'm no electrician so whats needed please?

Vehicle is a Defender MY02 (new type dash TD5)

Many thanks in advance :)

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I had this info saved, hope it is some use.


I have just got hold of a RAVE disc for a 2002 Defender and it says this about the heated screen:-




The Heated Front Screen (HFS) comprises two separate elements, one RH and one LH.

When the switch is pressed, both elements operate simultaneously. A tell-tale LED is

located in the switch to inform the driver when the HFS is operational.


Power Distribution

Feed from the positive battery terminal (C0192) is supplied to fusible link 1 and fusible link

5 of the under seat fuse box (C0632) on an N wire. Fusible link 1 (C0575) is connected to

fuse 36 of the passenger compartment fuse box (C0595) by an NO wire. Fuse 36 (C0595)

provides a constant battery feed to the HFS relay (C0994) on an NO wire.

Fusible link 5 is connected to the ignition switch (C1043 on LHD C0028 on RHD) by an NW

wire. When the ignition switch is turned to the 'ignition' position, current flows across the

switch (C1732 on LHD, C0094 on RHD) to fuse 15 of the passenger compartment fuse box

(C0580) on a W wire. Fuse 15 (C0580) provides an ignition feed to the HFS timer unit

(C1623) on an WG wire.

HFS Timer Unit

The HFS timer unit (C1623) monitors the condition of the HFS switch (C0131) by providing

a feed on a KO wire. When the HFS switch is pressed, an earth path is created on a B wire.

In order for the HFS timer unit to operate the HFS, it must also receive an ignition feed from

fuse 15 of the passenger compartment fuse box, and an engine running signal from the oil

pressure switch (C0187) on a WN wire. When both of these are received, the HFS timer unit

(C1623) energises the HFS relay (C0994) by providing a feed to the relay coil on a PY wire.

The relay coil (C0994) is earthed on a B wire.

The energised HFS relay (C0994) provides a feed to the HFS elements (C0247) and the

HFS switch tell-tale LED (C0131) on PS wires. Both are earthed on B wires."

The wiring diagram only shows one 30 amp relay to cover both elements of the screen so I guess I will use a timer relay and one 30 amp relay. I wont use the oil switch supply to control the screen but I have a voltage sensing relay which controls my split charge arrangement. If I use a supply from this to power the relay via the switch it will ensure the screen can only be switched on when the engine is running.

Hope this of some use to someone.

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