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Landrover dismantler


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I recall a chap who dismantled landys in the Brentwood area, but I can't remember his name or where his yard is, if indeed he is still trading (he often had a stall at Sodbury).

I think its off the Brentwood to Ongar road but I'm %$*£^! if I can remember, so I'd appreciate it, if someone who knows what I'm on about, could point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.


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Google is a marvellous thing www.brentwoodautos.com :P

Yes, Google is rather good......but its not the place I'm looking for. Thanks for looking though.

Actually, it would have been pretty impressive if you had found him on Google 'cos I'm fairly certain that he doesn't have a website


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think it is Richard Baker at Stondon Massey, 01277822001

Best Regards Bill Westley

OH YES thats him, I remember now.........Turn down School road in Kelvedon Hatch then turn left towards Stondon.

Thanks Bill.

Cor, what a relief.


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