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Wipers - single and twin speed and other options


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I think I may have to replace the wiper motor in the 109 when it gets rebuilt, I looked on paddocks site at twin-speed wipers and nearly fell off me chair! The switch alone was about £40 :blink:

So, does anyone have a setup for sale or is there a way of butchering another car (possibly something like a Metro of the era?) for parts to make it work for a lot less money?

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"Intermittant" ??? :blink:

Sure that not just iffy wiring :lol:

Oh no, sorry......thats the heater :P


Oi is today have a pop at Jon day or what??? No - it has proper intermittent using the 90 intermittant brain.

Still........at least mine runs right without having to pull over every 20 miles to change the plugs!

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