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Washable fuel filter

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Guest diesel_jim

A pattern part filter is no more than £5 from the likes of Bearmach, it would be stupid to clean the old one, you'd never get all the bits of microcrap out of them.

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Does that mean you yell at it to cean it?

Les. :)

not quite :rolleyes: but you can try if you want Les at a very high frequency :wacko::hysterical:

the engine oil filters from the aircraft I work on are cleaned by that process, it breaks down all the micronic particles & allows the filter to be reused many times, whereas the fuel & hydraulic oil filters are throw away types. :i-m_so_happy:

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I assume you are talking about a diesel. The fuel filters are too fine to allow for a cleanable design. In fact, what you should be doing is retrofitting a better than stock filter. A 2 micron filter is much better than anything LR has put in stock and can be purchased cheaply from any of the major filter manufacturers quite cheaply. This extends injector and pump life appreciably.

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Am I right in thinking that the fuel filter I can see in my engine bay is just a housing for a smaller element? Still learning as only had the Defender a week... :rolleyes:

Anyone suggest a good supplier in the Gatwick area?

I get all my service items from one of the online suppliers. Fuel filter is only a few quid. Changing it takes about the same number of minutes. Gloves are handy to avoid diesel hands.

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I thought I read somewhere that normal filters only take out stuff down to about 25 microns?

naa, most diesel fuel filters are around a nominal 6 micron rating.

Most engine oil filters are in the 25-30 micron region at Beta 2. ie. they take out 50% of 25 micron particles in the relevent ISO test.

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