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At long last i have got what we needed for soooooooooooooooooooo long,this is the second machine in as many weeks :( The 1st machine by a differant manufacturer was to say the least was S~~T :angry: i spent 4 days traveling back and forward between here and sunny essex TRYING to sort the thing out!!!! The people who import this machine were about as usefull as wood saw in a steel factory.

So after putting in excess of £300 worth of Clubman 500 and T45 through it at the weekend i admitted defeat,so off it went back to the fools that supplied it to me first thing monday morning.

After frantic phone call to a few differant manufactures etc i came across the importers of "ercolina" benders.Within 5 mins of speaking to them they offered to come up with a machine the following day to "demo" it for me.

Well it was the nuts ,it did exactly what it said on the tin and the service could not be better. :):D




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can it mandrell bend? and what bendradius on 1 3/4" tube?



I have got 150 and 170 clr tooling,the bed to use the mandrell set up is order BUT the way it bends this current batch of Clubman 500 i dont think it needs it!!! Saying that with the bed you can bend off more than one plane very easy also by adding stops it MAKES EVERYTHING THAT MUCH MORE ACCURATE ;)

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The drawings are already done may well be a sub 1300kg challange motor B) B)

Ooohh I knew it :D

Always fancied having a go at it! Spent many an hour in front of AutoCAD, but never had the facilities or skills to execute :rolleyes:

Look forward to see it..... :)

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