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Range Rovers + Stripped Disco


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For those of your down in this part of the world

Popped in there this morning


1 2 door RR thats been half finished new floor by the looks of it rear panels missing + no engine or gearbox - might make a good project

3 other RR's one N/A and the others efi's I think all with axles and some trim

300TDI Disco - engine gone and fairly well stripped - rear axle still on it with calipers and will fit onto a 90 front axle bent

Unusal to see so many - I was looking for a rear axle for ages some time ago

Heres a streetmap link to where it is

Eastergate Car Spares

Did'nt have time to have a good look



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I was in Silverlake @Botley the other day and they have the remains of a couple of RR's and a 3-door disco, RR's are early 4-door and a very beaten up 3-dr pickup, both have V8's. There is some trim available, the Disco I think has the blue interior and looks in OK nick, back door is rust free from what I saw.

Quite a few freebies too, but they're in the posh end :blink: where you need a gruff youth in an orange jerkin to escort you (aparrently) so not so much opportunity for general rummaging :( takes all the fun out of it if you ask me.

Oh and for some strange reason a zillion front-ended Saxos :lol::lol::lol:

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