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Can anyone identify these hydraulic bits?

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A mate recently handed me a box of hydraulic bits he found at work :unsure: saying they might come in useful for my hydrualic winch setup (when it finally gets installed).

Trouble is, a box of random hydrualics is not much good to me as I have no clue what any of the specs are or if any of it might be worthwhile keeping :(

So, can anyone tell me anything technical about any of these bits:












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Rec some of them, most really won't be much use PRV may be, pumps are old, dowty V old, bring them up with you and I'll have a closer lokie, some I HNGAFC as to what they are though :lol:

Fittings are / may be useful.

Thought you bought that complete LT230 H14W Hyd unit I pointed you at ?


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I did indeed buy the H14W setup - but some of these pumps are TWIN pumps, which in my enfeebled brain = double the flow, which surely is a good thing?

Plus I have a PTO winch for the back that really will want a hyrdo motor running it, so again there may be something usable in the box.

And if you say "No John, it's all rubbish, best just leave it here with me" I'll know what you're up to Barker <_<

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