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Relay Wiring Help!


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Righto, I've been to the scrapyard and pinched bought an intermittent wiper relay thingy, which I'm hoping to wire into the Landy.

It's the same shape as a standard four terminal relay, but is about 50% as high again.

I think there are five or six terminals on the base, including a 3mm-ish terminal in addition to the 6.3mm terminals.

I've scoured the interweb and cannot find a thing as to how to wire the thing in. Just need to know which terminal is earth, which is permanant 12v, which is switched etc. The terminals are numbered but I don't have that info to hand right now.

Anyone got any info which could be of assistance?

Many thanks as ever!

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A VERY quiet night at work has revealed this list of codes for wiring all sorts of relays - Tech Archive Tony?

1 Low Tension

4 High Tension

15 Ignition controlled feed (Ignition key/switch)

15a Ballast resistor to ignition coil

Glow plug to starter switch

17 start

19 preheat

30 Feed from positive battery terminal, direct

31 earth or battery negative

Electric motors

32 Return

33 Main terminal

45 Starter relay feed to starter input (main current)

Flasher unit

49 Feed

49a Output

50 Starter feed (direct)

Trailer signals

52 Additional signals from trailer to towing vehicle

Wiper motor

53 Feed

53a Wiper (+), self-parking switch

53b Wiper (shunt winding)

53c Windscreen washer pump

53e Wiper (brake winding)

53i Permanent magnet wiper motor third brush (2 speed)

Trailer signals

54 Brake lamps

55 Fog lamps

56 Headlamps

56a Main-beam and main-beam indicator

56b Dip beam

56d Headlamp flash contact

58 Sidelamps,tail lamps,No plate lamps, panel lights

61 Charge warning light

67 Alternator field

72 Beacon lamp switch

75 Radio, cigar lighter

76 loudspeakers

Normally-closed and changeover switches

81 Feed

81a First output

81b Second output

Normally-open switches

82 Feed

82a First output

82b Second output

82z First input

82y Second input

Multi-position switches

83 Feed

83a Output,position 1

83b Output,position 2

83L Output, left hand

83R Output, right hand

Current relays

84 Feed, winding and relay contact

84a Finish of winding

84b Output, relay contact

Switching relays

85 Finish of winding (earth)

86 Start of winding

86a Start of winding or first winding

86b Winding tap or second winding

Normally closed and changeover contacts

87 Input

87a First output (break side)

87b Second output

87c Third output

87z First input

87y Second input

87x Third input

Normally-open and changeover contacts

88 Input

88a First output

88b Second output

88c Third output

88z First input

88y Second input

88x Third input

Generator and generator regulator

B+ Battery positive, generator output

B- Battery negative

D+ Generator positive

D- Generator negative

EX or

EXC Generator field

IND Warning light

Apparently this was published by Bosch. If your car catches fire it's their fault, not mine.

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well i would have answered but i did not have anything to add that would have helped you.

I am sat at work too bored with no one to talk to on here. But differance is it is 3pm here and i go home at 5 pm so only 2 hours to go then weekend off :lol:

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