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200tdi revcounter

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My L-reg 200tdi Defender 90 CSW has a blank gauge on the binnacle and I was wondering how easy it would be to fit a revcounter in there, so I know I'm not thrashing the engine too much. I've read some threads on VDO instruments that you can hook up to the alternator, but these seemed specific to the 300tdi models and later.

Has anyone retrofitted a revcounter to their 200tdi Defender and how easy was it?

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If you have a 65amp alt, there is probably a W terminal under a rubber bung on the back. You need this, switched ign feed and an earth. Europa specialist parts do a suitable 50mm dia tacho. Its all been posted on here before. Set DIL swiches on tacho to give approx 750 rpm at idle.

If no W terminal then its easy to add one, just connect a wire to one of the output winding "pairs" before it connects to the diodes - i'm sure someone has posted a pic on here of that...

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