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Kew 8000 Winch


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I got then to cut off a load then asked the price

after getting up from the floor.

I said no thanks I'll go eleswhere.

they were less than happy having chopped it from the reel

I made and offer, they swore and let me have it anyway.

I got enough to:

make all the leads for Jays winch install

a number of leads for Steve G and to rewire my own.

I doubt I'll go there again as they may remember the last deal. :rolleyes:

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I don't have winch fitted but got 40 mm2 welkding wire to connect for earthing my battery to chasis.

Welding wire is nice as it has many tiny strands making it more flexible than regular battery leads; this can be very handy for tight installations.

Did a quick search and come across this who are selling 70 mm2 cable chepaer than VWP! :unsure:

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