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I think thats definate "Its Broken Sir" call


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Odd day yesterday, which got odder :D

I was right in the middle of something when the mobile rang.

"Hi - Is that Nigel ?"

"Yup :)"

"Ah, good I need some specialist help "

"Metric or Imperial Help ?"

"Eh ?" ...(Ok now know caller doesn't do 'Humour' )

"Ok, what can I help you with ?"

"I was given your number for some help - its like - well do you do diffs and axles and stuff like ?"

"Yes - sort of keep going"

"Ok, well I seem to have done something to my Discovery"

"Ok, what exactly" (Getting bored now)

"Well it won't move"

"Can we be a bit more informative maybe ? - whats happened ?"

"Well, me mate and I loaded a digger of the back of a big trailer and when we drove away we got a few yards and there was a huge bang and we stopped like"

"OK, shove it in 4 wd and see"

"Eh ?"

"Engage the difflock"

"whats a difflock ?"

4 minutes of explaining how the disco he has works he ran off and said he would report back

"Hello again"


"it only fixed it tempory like"

"Pardon ?"

"Well did what you said, we moved again but then there was another huge bang - from the front"


"Did you unhitch the trailer ?"


"And where are you now ?"

"*3 foot from where we were on the last bang like"

Another 3 minutes of explaining 4 wd systems and what can break and why, gave me the answer

"Yeah, well its a big digger like, and the trailer is huge, but mateys truck that he uses has a tacho prob

its prob 4 maybe 5 tons .........."

"Ok, I think you have broken maybe a rear shaft, maybe a diff"

"Whats a rear shaft ?" :(

Another few minutes later he was told to remove LH then RH one at a time and see if end broken off

"Hi, me again" (oh deep F joy ...."

Both are OK"

"Right well your diff is probably blown, - shove it in gear and see if the prope rotates"

((blah blah blah rrrrrr brooommuffled grunts - picks up phone)

"Yeah there spinning, is that good ?"

"You have damaged your diff then"

"Right how do I ..............."

Another few minutes later rang off

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing


"Hello - me again - diffs out"

"OK - are any of the teeth damaged on the Crown wheel ?"

"What a crownwheel ?"

:angry2: ....."The big round thing with lots of teeth on it"

"Er, no looks fine"

"Rotate it and check"

"No, rotates nice like - seems fine no teeth missin like"

"Ok, look at the centre, can you see a pin running through from one side to another ?"


"Is it broken ?"

"No, its fine"

"Sure ?"

"Er yeah its fine ?"



"And what about the pinion ?"

"Whats a Pi -"

"The shaft in the diff at the back - any missing teeth ?"

"No, can't see none like"



He then explained he was just outside goodwood, I suggested he removed the front diff / shafts and did the same and bring them all up to me

Front diff = blown centre pin - rear diff and shafts took me by suprise

Shafts fine, Centre Pin in diff = fine, crownwheel - unmarked..................hmmmm ... pinion ?

"Ah, that might just be the problem"

"Oh, whats wrong with it ?"

"Your missing teeth"

"Really" where ?"

"On the end of the shaft - let me remove it for you, I know a few peeps who will like to see this :rofl: "

"Can you fix it like ?"

"No, I think its gone past that sir - like " ................................

Can you see the problem anyone ? :D


Lucky for him I had 2 x diffs he could have cheap and he went away happy

NEVER seen or even heard of this before, just how much force would this take :rofl:like :rofl:


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ooooooh good effort!!!!!!! I spose most people stop when it starts making grinding noises!!!

NO. A few years ago, my wife was coming back from somewhere in the 110 V8 we had at the time. Now she had given birth a few months earlier as was, , how can I put this, completely bloody brain dead ("It's the hormones"). Never mind she's tanking down the M5 and came off at the Tiverton roundabout (couldn't tell you why, we lived nowhere near bloody Tiverton....) and went from 5th to 2nd at about 60, and knocked the overdrive out. Don't know how many revs she was pulling, but the back two conrods exited the block big time.

Now most sensible, rational, normal human beings would have stopped, called the AA and thought of a bloody good excuse for hubby.

Not my missus, she put her foot down and carried on!

About half hour later I looked out of the sitting room window to see the mechanics (who looked after said V8) mum wandering up the garden path with son number one.

"WTF, thinks I"

At that moment, the phone rings....

Conversation went along the lines of

Mechanic "Jeff, you have gotts fffing see this"

Me " see what?"

" your V6 110"


Shot round to have a looksee and was genuinely amazed/depressed/shocked and livid. There stood the 110 in a puddle of blood (well 20W40) steaming and ticking and looking very sorry for itself. Best bit was the mechanic turned the ignition key and it started, didn't sound well, but it ran.

Went home to question missus:

"WTF happened?"

"it kinda made a very loud noise, then there was a bang, a tinkling noise and lots of smoke behind me, the smoke went away quite quckly but the little red oil can stayed lit up, so I took it to the garage, like you told me I should. Was kinda gutless going up the hill though"


She has all the mechanical sympathy of a car brakers yard apprentice. I gave up and went for a pint.

Mind you it says a lot for Buicks original design that it would run as a V6, but then again, the Metro 6R4 prototype used a cut n shut V8....

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never seen that before nope. must have been some strong planet wheels :S

the v6 story, how could anyone stand to hear an engine screaming that hard to then change down again enough to blow con rods out the block :o

ouch, eggspensive.

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How did it remove so much metal? It looks like after the teeth took a holiday it was rubbing on something.... maybe a chunk broke off and remained stuck in the crownwheel thus protecting the crownwheel and stripping the rest of the pinions teeth and giving that heated scored look on the pinion?


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Pics of the digger/trailer? :P

Impressive like ;)

Yes we need something to scale the degree of abuse that caused this. I once towed a 12 ton steam engine with my first 88", and that didn't break anything.

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I towed a fully laden fire engine with a series 2A on the day I passed my driving test I took off like a scolded cat until the tow chain had took up all the slack, the back end of the landrover went air bone and I failed to move the fire engine. I had managed to bend a new rear cross member outwards by 3-4".

diffs were fine.

a couple of weeks later I managed to break a rear half shaft whilst being cruel changing gear.

The half shaft not only broke but twisted and jammed into the diff, I remember attaching a chain to the old shaft and driving off with a tractor to remove the old shaft. It still took several attempts with the poor landrover being dragged sideways around the yard.

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