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Salisbury Plain


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I had a little jaunt up onto the plain this afternoon. Met up with one of the Range Wardens (distinct from Land Wardens apparently) and had a nice (lengthy) chat. He told me that Imber, which is usually open for the whole of August apparently, will not be open this year as there are contractors working up there. He also said that the red flags on the rest of the plain will not be flying during August so it is open season up there.

One thing worth keeping in mind: While we are, of course, all law abiding citizens and will not be affected; the police are now cooperating with the army and are (and were today) flying around in an army Gazelle (IIRC) spotting people who break the rules - specifically driving off-piste. I understand that several people were ejected from SPTA this weekend.


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Guest diesel_jim

The police and wardens have worked together with each other like this for a few years now. I've been up there on several occasions chatting with either Les or Chris (a couple of the wardens) and they've said "make sure you're not here thursday night, or if you are, make damn sure you're on a RoW because we're after a group of hair coursers" and they were planning to "block" them in with several police and warden vehicles.

I've seen the military police in green LR's out patrollolling too, and radio'ing to helicopters.

the funnies thing was once, when BY13 used to go across the middle of the driver training area (AKA the chalkpit), i was sat on it having a brew with a couple of mates, a ModPol 110 FFR and a harley 350 motorbike came hairing out of the back of Tidworth camp towards us. it was nice and muddy. blue lights flashing on the 110.

thwack on the bike tries doing his Evil Kenevil bit to look good as he buzzed up towards us, only to drop it right in front of us!

they then tried to tell us how we were tresspassing yadda yadda....

"hey mate," i said, "here's a map. see this little red dotted line....."

needless to say we left them to drive off with tails between their legs, and rather muddy too! :D

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