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P38 Interior Light.

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My P38, 1995 4.0 SE, has an annoying fault now that the dark mornings are here. The interior light does not come on when either front door is opened. The light works manually from the button. The dashboard indicates that the doors are opened when I open them. The puddle lights don't come on either.

Any ideas?

Geoff :mellow:

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Have you tried removing the lamp assembly from the roof? Sometimes water gets in there (usually through a leaking sunroof) and contaminates the circuitboard.

It comes off real easy, just clips.

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Read the manual.

Hold the on/off switch in for about 3 seconds untill you get a message displayed.

What does that message say?

The message says, "INT.LIGHTS ON" then if I do it again it says, "INT. LIGHTS OFF".

Neither time are the lights on.

What does that mean?


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The message doesn't relate to the lights actually being on, but to the setting when the doors are opened. With 'lights on', the should come on when a door is opened. It is possible you need to close and reopen the door before the change takes effect.

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Interior lights now working. I held the button wth "INT. LIGHTS ON" and opened and closed the door. Hey presto the lights now come on when I open the doors.

Many thanks to Escape and q-rover for your knowledge and time. I would NEVER have sussed that one out.

Cheers Again

Geoff :D

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