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Nuts, bolts and Fastenings

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I seem to remember in the dim and distant passed that there was someone who had stock of the various odds and ends and fiddly bits that you need to finish land rover rebuilds.

I am talking about some of the special fixings and fastening etc.

Anyone know who this might have been and are they still available?

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not quite specialist landrover fasteners but at the moment i have a contract with a big nut and bolt factory that seems adiment on getting rid of new stock, and damaged boxes just get put in a stillage and brought round, numerous sizes and types (alan key, cap head, dome head, nuts bolt washers spring washer lock nut castle nuts) you name it they're there

any one interested

£15/25kg assorted collected and chose if you wish


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I just bought boxs of nuts bolts and washers for standard fixings, structural stuff for steerng and most of the chassis bolts i got from local independant LR supplier and stainless bolts etc got off ebay in kits for wings, door hinges etc i believe they are actually a VW specialist but the stainless stuff for LR's are all a good fit.

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