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Ignition hole issue

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OK, my keys kept falling out of the ignition, so this morning while driving to the airport I just rammed the key in and started the Defender. At the airport I switched off the car, but in the process I broke off the top part of the key. Part of it is still in the ignition.

I have already tried again to start with the remaining part of the key, but to no avail. I have no tools in the vehicle, other than the odd screwdriver. As I will not be back with the vehicle until this Friday late (22:00, and mucho £££££ for the AA call out charge) I was wondering whether I could order a new ignition unit at a local French stealer and unplug the old unit and plug in the new one? Or do I call the AA and make an appointment? (Remember I have limited tools...)

Or :ph34r: hot wire :ph34r: it until back home? (I do have the papers, etc, so if I am stopped, I can prove I am the owner...)

Mine is a 90Td from 1988... (Just in case anyone has a part number...)

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it's not the ignition bit you need but the steering lock, to change this you need to drill out the existing anti-tamper bolts, then swap the lock over & fit 2 new break head bolts.

need the last 8 digits of chassis number to give you the correct part number. but possibly this one QRF100880

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