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Uses for a hydraulic winch

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TBH it was very controlled, especially given how fast that winch can go:

Winching with a bit more speed (3.7Mb .AVI)

Had it been an 8274 the run-on would've made the car a good few inches longer :ph34r:

Tin hat on, boots on, heading for shelter!

Oh, If only it wasn't true...........

All i can say is "Working on it"

Any way........Hydraullic winch, uses for........

The only one thats comes to mind is door stop....

Give me the Tin hat and boots......


Jim :)

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true - at 22kgs in weight its a monster compared to a kettle element fine electric winch :lol:

thats better Jim - normal service has resumed :lol:

cant you put an electro line locker on a hydro caliper on your 8274 so its locked off pronto?

oh carp, now Im actually trying to be helpful............


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Lest we forget - not all electric winches are lightweight:


OK, so no-one actually owns one of these yet...

This photo shows just how much the new Bowyer winch actually weighs!!!

The extreme density has distorted the gravitational field and is turning it into a black hole :lol::lol:

Could this be the reason that Landrover owners are always skint! that's where all our money disappears to, Black holes in the universe caused by enormous electric winches trying to masquerade as powerful efficient hydraulic units :lol::lol:


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if you parked a few together you could have your own Stonehenge............... just bigger, and less practical

Metalhenge? :lol:

Noooo :blink: park a few of those together and it will overload and fracture the continental crust :huh::unsure::ph34r:

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