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Rrc Possible Off Road Conversion


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I own a RRC 91 Vogue SE, After rattling about in my Lwt green laning I am considering converting my RRC from general road use to an occastional green laning toy. Anybody out there could give me a few hints or tips on what options are open to me?

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T Cut and Tears ? :D

Loads....but some absolute basics...............

1st get a decent recovery point ......front and rear, ....and carry basic tools and spares

2nd a decent KERR rope and tested shcakles.

3rd Decent off road tyres (thats an arguement as to which and why in itself !)

Then the worlds your osyter...

Winches lifts, etc etc


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I definitely agree with the nessessity of good recovery points but would not recommend a KERR to somone who is not familiar with their dangers. Would it not be wiser to start with conventional ropes or stropes then as experience grows, hopefully through adventures with other like minded "more experienced" individuals, then progress to a KERR.

Either that or make it very clear what the hazards are? ;)

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i am more than a little experienced with off roading having toyed in various motors over the last 8 years:P

All my experience has been with series/defender motors and i just wanted to pick some brains!

Its just confirmed what I have already thought, if i do go ahead the lower part of the front bumper will be history,good recovery points on the front and rear and a new set of tyres.

Most of the stuff we do is non-damaging nowadays so T cut it may well be!

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That's pretty much what I use mine for, although less frequently than I'd like.

I've removed the spoiler, fitted HD springs and recovery points and use 235/85 MTs on Disco rims (probably overkill as noted above - but the extra clearance under the diff is nice to have).

Waterproof nylon seatcovers are also worth having, especially if you have cloth trim - much easier to clean.

You might want to think about some Sumo bars to avoid bending a track rod in the middle of nowhere - and maybe some protection for the front diff. I've got all that stuff in the shed, but haven't been bothered to fit it yet - just means I have to keep an eye where I'm going ;)

Just out of interest, where's your LPG tank? If it's underneath, what are the chances of it getting knocked off it's mountings?

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235/70, iirc - but I think it varies a bit according to make. (A search of the old place would turn up an evening's reading on this subject!)

The springs on mine are what's generally referred to as police spec in adverts, and I bought them because the originals were saggy. They're virtually standard height, or perhaps half an inch taller. I'd say they work better than standard springs both on and off road, and they're cheap :D

I've had to trim the lip of the rear wheelarch slightly at the point where the rear door covers it, and still get occasional slight rubbing there and in the tops of the rear wheelarches. I had to adjust the lockstops a little too, so the turning circle is (unsurprisingly) about the same as my 110 - but not really a problem.

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