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trayback part 2..


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Right then,

As I have been hounded by Adrian himself to take these pictures I thought I better get on with it or he will make me run even more than normal whilst in Wales. so here we go..

Various shots of almost (and sooooo close it is now) finished motor...









sorry for the bad quality... but Adrian tried to be arty with some shots (he really is quite weird sometimes - blame the folks for dropping him on his head several times an then kicking him :D )

anyway - -enjoy..

any more detailed photos give us a shout and I shall see what I can do tonight . .or you just wait till saturday and see it in all its glory... :D but you better look quick, because we usually go home at lunchtime. :ph34r::rolleyes:

ps - the airlocker pump will have a cover on it.. by Saturday we hope

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the side bars will be transformed into something a little different.. but don't know when..

the panel damage - - yeah about 5 mins after the start I reckon... got to test pete's work now don't we.. :D

the rear is gona have a few boxes attatched to it.. and clipped on.. so it'll all be there - I 'll post a few more pics later this week to show you were it'll be positioned..

About 5 minutes after it comes off the trailer if Pigsters driving :lol:
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Adrian, looking good but please don't let Pigster drive - he won't get out and then Lesmond will expect to be allowed in the rangie :lol::lol::lol: Les in the rangie :o I'm going to take the passanger seat out right now! Must remember to put my carpet slippers in...

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Thank you all for the kind words :)

The waffle boards will be mounted upright infront of the Ground Anchor with the tool box's after that, all

fixed together but the box's will be individually removeable (save's all that to and through) for repair's.

I'm well pleased with the way it's turned out, and can't thank my good mate Pete enough, as it's been on his ramp for 2 month's. :lol:

I'll get Pigster to take some pic's, but out side this time :lol: as i think it look's better off the ramp :lol:

I'll keep you all updated, and i'l let you no how we got on on sunday.

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Looks good. I like the wings. Look forward to having a closer look at the w/e.

The sills need cutting down though :P

PS don't forget my bumperettes as I didn't get them at Tony's bash ;)

Mark, The end of the sill's will be turned into step's ;)

wings are very like what im doing at the moment have you flattened the wings or just cut the lip off if that makes sense :), thats my job for today and get it all bolted up :)

Pritch1, The wing edge has a heavy folded strip, so it follow's the rounded wing shape :lol:

See you saturday, come and have a look while Les is doing some wiring ;)

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Well it passed the MOT and it's.... :o what do you mean i've got to pay for it....... Taxed :lol:

Took it for a quick... erm sorry slow spin :o today...it ain't no V8 :angry:

Jim mate this will need looking into <_< or it's going in the bin ;)

Well only roof light's to wire in morn, then load up and of to Wales. B)

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