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PAS woes....

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Guest diesel_jim

I'm re-building my old 90, now with a newly rebuilt 300Tdi and R380.

It's got the original (renewed sometime in the late 90's, say 1998~2000) 4 bolt PAS box.

the Tdi i have had no PAS pump on it, so last year at Bling i bought a brand new* pump from M&D (they had a load if them cable-tied to their stall if anyone remembered!)

* it looked brand new. shiney, all fresh looking and not "rebuilt"

Anyway, i've installed it, brand new PAS pipes etc, run the engine, bled the system out (jacked the front up, turned the steering slowly from left to right and back again, whilst topping up the reservoir. it took plenty of fluid, probably 2 or 3 reservoir amounts, so i think it's pretty much full.

But, no PAS assistance at all. driving the thing is like it has got the belt removed (i.e. heavy!) as the vehicle isn't taxed at the moment (no doors or roof either!) i can't take it out for a spin, (just down my private drive) but i've never had PAS need to be "bedded in" before, it's always worked first time.

brand new fan belt. the only thing i can think of, is i painted the pulley.... sprayed with satin black paint. would this cause the belt to slip? it doesn't make any squeeling noises.

Would the pump be not pumping at any pressure? or is there a relief valve in the box that would cause it to go into "non PAS mode?"

thanks all! B)

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The only relief bit is at the extremities of the lock when the pump/box normally hisses with excess pressure [LR say not to hold in that position for more than 30secs as damage to the box may occur] sounds to me like a duff pump -- isn't producing any pressure.

in the workshop manual there's a power steering fault diagnosis & pressure test charts Section 57 pages 1 & 2 respectively, I can scan post them here if you haven't got them.

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Guest diesel_jim

Cheers Ralph. i've just looked through my rave, sounds more like the pump, although a sticking ball valve in the box would give the same symptoms... fluid just going though and returning to the pump.

hmmm..... :unsure:

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