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lt230 input gear


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No. The drilled gear came in some time in 1996 (maybe at the start of the TA...... vin numbers i.e. 1996 model year), early 300s didn't have one either, my old 1995MY 90 was undrilled though I never had any problems with the mainshaft. Though of course it is easy to retro-fit and any vehicle which has had mainshaft problems would most likely have had the new gear fitted when it was fixed.

Everything since 1996 some time has been fitted with the drilled gear and yes it's standard now.

My father has two Defenders on the farm which are 1987ish vintage and neither have had any mainshaft problems. OK they only have about 30,000 miles on but about 25,000 of those were off road before we had any roads so they don't necessarily wear - I reckon a lot of it is down to the driving style, people who can change gear properly often don't have any problems. A lot of the problem was down to assembling the gear on to the shaft with grease, if the splines are left clean and just lubricated with EP90 so that the transfer box oil can get along the splines, there often doesn't seem to be any problem, on the ones I have seen.

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