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My wife hates the 90 so in order to appease her I'm looking for some carpet to make it a bit softer and quieter it down a bit

What I've seen so far is either stupid expensive or looks rubbish

Exmoor trim do a set that looks ok but pricey, any recommendations for something as good for 1/2 the money lol

This looks ok but out of stock, I'm looking for a complete set, seat box, tunnel, floor etc


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I'd go with laminate flooring with a good quality under lay for sound proofing, and the laminate floor will be easy to clean :D

Sorry Wack61 but this is never going to stay serious.

Should I go with oak or beech, I wouldn't want anything that would clash with the seats

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mutz, they out of stock. :(

try here :ph34r:

I think I'll go for this instead


That acoustic matting looks perfect, the problem could be the website is 10 years old and still under construction

Plus there aren't any prices as far as I can see but it's worth a phone call


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I think it's around £400 + VAT from anywhere that sells Exmoor Trim stuff. I rang Wright Offroad and they said about £350 but would be cheaper for me to buy them localy as they are very heavy and expensive to post.


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Ahhh, rethink me thinks. May just be the kit from noisekiller then a set of rubber mats on top.

I got a 10m x 1m x 3mm roll of rubber checker plate from a place in Birmingham last year (changed computers since then so sadly don't have a link) Did all the interior of 110 Station Wagon with it. Makes one hell of a difference, from memory I think it cost circa £70 delivered. Where it needed stuck down, use a good impact adhesive.

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