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why don't we setup an LR4x4 photobucket account. then everyone can have one link and one password to upload to the same place- then we can link from here.

if we have any problems in the future then all the vids can be moved en mass, and any mewbies can post videos easily.

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Photobuckets terms of service might not like a single account with multiple users.

from their terms ------------

Restrictions on the use of the Services.

By using the Services you agree that you will not:

Permit any third parties to use your account for their own behalf. For example, you may not encourage others to use your Photobucket.com account for their images OR use the Services to host images which you encourage others to paste on third party sites. Your use of the Services should be limited solely on your own behalf;

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I'd say we'd definitely be in breach of their terms and conditions - plus we'd have to publish the login details somewhere for forum users which would be open to some idiot coming along and thinking it would be highly amusing to delete everything or upload loads of really dodgy stuff.

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